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Performance Teams

Our Performance Teams provide an opportunity to experience the sport without the pressure and stress of competing. These teams focus on performing at various events and showcases rather than participating in competitions.

Joining a Performance Team allows athletes to learn cheerleading skills, stunts, and routines while still enjoying the thrill and excitement of performing in front of a crowd. It is a fantastic way for beginners to get a taste of all star cheer and build confidence in their abilities.

Helium WOW
Lithium WOW

Novice Teams

All Star Novice is designed for athletes who are new to the world of All Star Cheerleading and provides a great opportunity for them to gain experience and build their skills. The teams practice once a week, allowing for a manageable commitment for athletes who may have other commitments outside of cheerleading.

Novice teams are categorized based on age and skill level and are judged on a standard rating system, meaning they are evaluated based on their individual performance rather than being ranked against other teams in their division.

The routine performed by Novice teams is 1 minute and 30 seconds long, giving athletes a chance to showcase their skills and abilities within a shorter timeframe. This allows for a focused routine that highlights their strengths and progression.

Prep Teams

All Star Prep is a great option for athletes who are looking for a slightly more intense team experience in All Star Cheerleading. Our Prep teams practice once per week and their routines are 2 minutes long. This is the first category where athletes compete and are judged based on specific criteria, such as technique, difficulty, execution, and overall performance. 

Participating in All Star Prep is a stepping stone for athletes who aspire to compete at the Elite level in the future. It provides them with the necessary training and experience to develop their skills and progress in the sport. It's a great way for athletes to gain confidence and build a strong foundation before moving on to the next level of competition.

For further information or to join a team please give us a call or email us at We may still have spots available.

Gold Rush
Gold Pyramid Worlds

Elite Teams

Our Elite Teams are composed of our most talented and committed athletes. They are the ones who have demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication to their sport. As members of the elite teams, they are expected to attend practices twice a week, in addition to taking extra classes to further enhance their abilities.

Being a part of an elite team requires a significant time commitment, as it is a year-round commitment. Athletes are expected to dedicate themselves to their training and competitions for a period of 11-12 months. This ensures that they have ample time to perfect their skills and stay at the top of their game.

Elite Team athletes will compete locally, regionally, and nationally. This allows them to gain valuable experience and exposure, as well as test their abilities against some of the best athletes in our sport.

For further information or to join a team please give us a call or email us at We may still have spots available.

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